Fall in Love with the Outdoors

Fall in Love with the Outdoors


1. You don’t need millions to live like a millionaire

You used to need a trust fund to impress your partner with sweet mountain digs, but thanks to Hipcamp, you can pitch a tent on a privately-owned mountain retreat, or a vineyard, or an ocean-side preserve for the cost of a state park campsite. Try to find a spot with a killer view.


2. You can ditch the pajamas

Did you know friction is the fastest way to create heat?


3. Base layers are sexy

You can find other people with this odd fetish on LuvByrd, a dating app that allows you to sort through all the singles out there and find someone who digs rock climbing, backpacking, or fly-fishing as much as you do. Say what you will about opposites attracting, we think skiers should marry other skiers and have little skier babies.


4. Ultralight gear no longer costs a fortune

You used have to pay thousands of dollars to assemble a decent backpacking kit... until now.


5. The water bed now goes outdoors

The thing was built for backcountry snuggling. Add a campfire for mood lighting, a beautiful view and you have the recipe for romance.


6. Hot tubs are portable now, too

Fact: Hot tubs lead to action.


7. It’s never been easier to carry booze into the woods

At one time, if you wanted a nip in the backcountry, all we had was the humble flask. But now, we’ve got good wine in backpack-friendly cans and growlers with built in CO2 systems. Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the finer things.


8. Hiking makes your butt look fierce




9. Dinner and a movie sucks

Hiking in some wine to a mountaintop meadow with a killer sunset is way better than overpriced Italian food and a sappy romantic comedy.


10. There’s room to play

In case you need a spotter for that AcroYoga.


Source: 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Outdoors

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