10 Things You Need In Case You Get Lost

10 Things You Need In Case You Get Lost


Two high profile searches for missing people have entered a second week in Oregon. In the Columbia River Gorge, crews have search 150 miles of trail for Anna Schmidt, to no avail. "And that's very difficult, especially for the families to not get closure," said Tim Chase, who coordinates search and rescue for Lane County. The searches highlight the life-or-death consequences that can come with outdoor recreation in Oregon. In Lane County, search and rescue workers say their job changes with the seasons. In summer, water rescues and drownings keep Lane County Search and Rescue busy. The absence of the information has confounded the search for Schmidt. "Her roommate thought that she had already gone with me, because she said Annie's been gone since Sunday," said Michelle Schmidt, her mother. And no matter your level of experience, something could go wrong, Chase said.


His suggested list of essentials:

Waterproof Matches /Fire Starter

Flashlight / Extra Batteries and Bulb

First Aid Kit

Extra food and water

Signaling Device: Whistle or Mirror

Map and Compass

Emergency shelter: Tarp, Blanket, or Lg. Plastic Bag

Extra Clothing


Sunglasses and Sunscreen


Chase also said that wearing bright colored clothing helps rescuers. "The hardest folks to find," he said, "are people that are completely dressed in camouflage."


Source: Hunting? Hiking? Take these 10 things with you, just in case you get lost

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