Camping Issues 101: For Girls

Camping Issues 101: For Girls

Where women today are effortlessly running businesses, managing households, dominating politics, it is no revelation that they seek and love adventure as much as men do. Moving over kitty parties, a better way to catch up with your friends is now around a campfire, kayaking down a stream or hiking.

Here's a short list of issues that women face on a camping trip:



Not having access to basic necessities and unhygienic lavatories pose a humungous problem for women.


Defective Equipments

Faulty enveloped outdoor tents, leak in a brand new tent, pitching in a waterlogged ground, uncomfortable sleeping conditions are some complications that can make a woman feel highly dejected.



Despite taking precautions, some women feel vulnerable in the presence of an unknown man, owing to which they choose to not give camping a shot.


Source: Camping for girls - Here’s something specifically for you