Great Montana Trails

Great Montana Trails

Spring is knocking on our door. As the temps start to rise, hiking in Montana's great outdoors becomes more and more enticing.

Here are great ideas on where to start spring season:


Boulder Pass, Glacier National Park

This park is full of incredible trails with even more amazing views. Take your camera along because you’l want these memories and pictures forever, not that they won’t be branded in your mind for a lifetime.


Sulphur Springs Trail, Lewis and Clark National Forest

The hike is just outside of Great Falls and can be done in half a day. If you like Montana's prairie land, then you will love the shot at exploring this trail.


Bechler River Trail, Yellowstone National Park

You can't talk about hiking in Montana without taking a stroll through one of the most famous parks in the world. All good hikes come with a price though. You have to have a backcountry permit to go into this area.


These are just a few of the possibilities out there. Don’t sit back this year. Get out and discover something new!

Source:  3 Great Montana Hiking Trails