Life Lessons : Trekking the World's Deepest Canyon

Life Lessons : Trekking the World's Deepest Canyon

The trek from top to bottom and back up again with my fellow companions took one night, two days, and copious amounts of water and trail mix.


1) We overestimate our needs

Realize that your hiking gear and travel accessories—the excess junk you thought you needed—is more a hindrance than a help.


2) A slower pace can help focus the mind

As your thoughts slow down to match your footsteps, you might find that you can be focused only on what is directly before you.


3) Setting small goals will help me reach bigger ones

Breaking up the trip made completing each leg feel like a small victory, even if the destinations were only an hour apart. Not a bad strategy to keep in mind for everyday life.


4) It’s tempting to stay in the oasis

The break can be so welcoming after several hours of walking that it can be hard to remember you may be only halfway through the trek.


5) The climb back up demands more strength than the descent

The mountain air may become thinner as you reach closer to the summit. From each stopover, the path will look even steeper up ahead.


6) Having a community is better than doing it alone

Why does this team spirit so often seem to disappear in our daily work and personal lives? The journey is more powerful when we share—and work toward—a common goal.


7) Reaching a goal is an opportunity to reflect and change perspective

Maybe the real lesson the condor teaches us: sometimes we need to fly in close before we can gain perspective on the bigger picture.


Source: 7 Life Lessons I Learned Trekking the World’s Deepest Canyon

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