Awesome Camping Gear Ideas

Awesome Camping Gear Ideas

An ultra light and long distance, car camping or maybe you’ll decide to head out into the backcountry, you can always bring some camping gear that will help your camping experience to be so much cooler and comfortable.




1. Mood lighting

When the car camping is our choice, why not to invest in a solar charger and a USB charger that gives off 360 degrees of light for that bag glow.


2. Solar shower


Camping gives unique bathing experiences in the near river or lake, but when you actually realize that there is no any washing when you go out running and shrieking from the ice-cold water, then the solar shower is what you really need.


3. Campfire cooking set

If you are one of those who would like to show off the chef prowess even when your kitchen should be a picnic table, a nice cooking set is what you will need to bring with you.



4. Duct tape

At least once you’ll face up the situation when your sleeping bag will rip off, a tent will collapse due to pole snapped, or you’ll simply need to keep a container sealed in the pack.


5. Use the old pill bottles.

Use the old pill bottles and bring a little bit of olive oil, cinnamon, some spices and everything else you might need.


6. Plastic bags

These resealable plastic bags may save your camping life, for let’s say..a hundred times. Whatever you want to bring some books, keep drying some special socks for snuggling up in the tent or something else to keep dry, put it in a plastic bag.


7. Kitchen sink

There are endless jokes about campers bringing kitchen sink literally. Bring some lightweight camping sink and enjoy your dish washing in a warm water, just make sure to dispose of it in a responsible place.



8. Corn chips

Even they are a delicious snack, bring some extra corn chips and save your time on lighting the fire.


9. DIY coffee filters

If you are a coffee junkeey, that this will be useful for sure. Wrap some coffee in coffee filters, tie it with a dental floss and serve it like a tea.


10. Save money and place on toothpaste

Buying a little travel version of toothpaste is expensive and not the most important thing you should spend your money on.


Useful, isn’t it?

Source: 10 Awesome Camping Gear Ideas You Might Never Thought Of

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