Crazy Camping Ideas

Crazy Camping Ideas

Television shows, books, and those viral Facebook videos have encouraged us to "hack" our way to an easier life. In modern terms, a "hack" is a clever shortcut or an alternative technique to get a job done, and most hacks involve the creative uses of items that are often different from their intended uses. We are going to examine a few hacks that will come in handy on the hunt, in your camp, and-God forbid-during a survival situation.


15. Breathe Through a Brassier


Remove your bra and cut it in half between the cups. Pierce a hole in the side of the cup where it was cut in half and thread the straps from that side through the opening. Fit the cup over your face tightly and tie off the strap. It turns out that each bra cup is a surprisingly good respirator mask, and most women are walking around with one for themselves and one as a spare.


14. Be a Steel-Belted Hero


It you can spare the belt off of your pants, it makes a very sturdy tie strap. Just don't use this hack if the belt is the only thing holding your pants up.


13. Make a Bootlace Bow Drill

Remove the lace from one boot, fold it in half and twist it until it resembles a rope. Tie this onto the bow for your fire drill, and go to town. You can also "pre-game" before your outdoor adventures by swapping out your regular laces with 550 cord. Just melt the ends with a lighter after you cut them to keep the cord from unraveling.


12. Hack Your Fire

Then dip into your food supply and pull out some high-calorie comfort food-namely chips. Just a few corn chips, Fritos, or potato chips can be quickly lit with a match or lighter. Two or three chips won't put much of a dent in your food supply, but it will have a massive impact of your fire building.


11. Build a Wax and Cardboard Stove

You'll also need some thin strips of cardboard, cut as wide as the can is tall (any length will work). To make the stove, coil up your cardboard strips inside the can until it is full of cardboard. Melt your wax over a medium heat, preferably in a disposable container like another tin can. Pour the melted wax into the cardboard stove until the cardboard is almost covered.


10. Lighten Things Up

If your flashlight runs out of batteries, you still may have a shot at using it. Use aluminum foil or stacked coins to increase the battery length with conductive metal. Any battery operated device can work on modified batteries, providing the replacements are the same voltage.


9. Booze It Up

Whether you are a tea-totaler or a drinker, liquor can serve many roles in addition to its intended use as an intoxicant. And with its antibacterial qualities, any form of liquor can disinfect wounds, help keep your teeth and gums in good shape, and even help soothe the discomfort from poison ivy and jellyfish stings.


8. Baffle the Bugs

The stinking smoke of smoldering materials can act as a natural bug repellent. Cattail seed heads work well, and are found in wetlands throughout the world. Place the smoking cattail punk on a fire-safe surface, upwind from your position and the bug repelling smoke will waft over you for 20-30 minutes.


7. Make a Super Match

Wet weather can be a challenge for even the best fire maker. Once the wax has hardened, insert several matches into the cardboard slots. Carry this "super match" with a separately packaged striker strip, or use strike-anywhere matches.


6. Find Your Way

A metal item (like a needle) can act like a compass needle when it is magnetized and suspended to allow free movement that is not affected by wind or any other forces.


5. Signal for Help

Use CD’s, car mirrors, polished metal, and whatever else you can scrounge to reflect sunlight toward distant targets.


4. Mark Your Path With Charcoal

Trying to leave a breadcrumb trail in the forest, or signal which way a search party should go?


3. Build a Tiny Wood Stove

If the wax and cardboard stove isn’t big enough to handle your cooking chores, then cut up a bigger can to create a “hobo stove.” Remove the can lid completely from a 40 ounce bean can.


2. Duct Tape to Fight Snow Blindness

Cut two strips of duct tape, with one that is about an inch shorter than the other.


1. TP Replacement

Finding the right substitute can be tricky, as you don’t want to get poison ivy leaves, or something slick that won’t wipe.


Insane, right?

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